2019 Christchurch Winter Interclub Best Performing Teams and Club

SC-Prize-2019 22_optAt our Annual Awards on Saturday 2ndNovember, the winners were announced for the Christchurch Winter Interclub Best Performing Male and Female Teams and Club. The stage was stolen, by Rangiora Squash Club who won all three titles. Rangiora have performed incredibly well during the Winter competition in both Men’s and Women’s divisions, which included three of their teams being announced as finalist for Best Performing Team.

The winners were calculated using an incrediable detailed and complicated assessment system, which was created by current board members and statistician, Paul Monk. 

We would like to congratulate all the finalists. Results were as follow;

 Best Performing Men’s Team

This year, in the Men’s competition it was very very close with only a 0.05% splitting 1st and 2nd place. Results;

  • 1st: Rangiora 3 - Gary Campbell (Cpt), Troy Cameron, Larry Tull, Benedict Lim, Daniel Lim, Lawrence Smith, Rodney Wilcock & Tim Wyeth
  • 2nd: Linwood 1- Tony Wilson (Cpt), Charles Teear, Ian Milne, Johnathan Douglas & Gary Monk
  • 3rd: Rangiora 5 - James Ross, Wayne Johnston, Ben Sutton, Wayne Peterson (Cpt), Zayne Kerr & Tom Mosley

Best Performing Women’s Team


  • 1st: Rangiora 1 - Paulette Noye (Cpt), Trish Evans, Susan Fraser, Kylie Forrest & Anastasia Lim
  • 2nd: Football 3 - Penny Gray, Sally Frahm, Charmaine Frahm (Cpt) & Shelley Jenkins
  • 3rd: Hoon Hay 1- Kayti Carrick (Cpt), Kelsi Carrick, Moriya Karati & Nadia Karati

 Best Performing Club


  • 1st Rangiora Squash Club
  • 2nd Hoon Hay Squash Club
  • 3rd Christchurch Football Squash Club

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