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Sport Cant club capability'Grow Your Own Club'

Sport Canterbury is running an awesome series of 'Grow Your Club' capability development workshops.

Perfect for supporting volunteers and paid sports administrators to lead quality, effective and sustainable clubs.

Their first workshop is a Finding Funding Workshop on Tuesday 19th March. This will provide you and your club with essential information for sourcing and applying for funding within the community sport sector across Canterbury. There will also be the opportunity to ask questions and discuss current problems and issues with our team and other local clubs.

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Women's Open Forum - Oct_opt

Thank you to everyone who turned up and for their awesome input. Thank you to Jess Wilson for doing a great job facilitating the evening. It was great to see such good turn out and there wheres some great ideas where put on the table. 

  • Squash NZ Roadshow 2018

    Squash NZ ran a workshop on Saturday 19th May at Hoon Hay Squash Club. The topic was on volunteering. Click on the link above for a copy of the presentation from this workshop and some useful information.  


  • Lite Club

    Lite Club helps sports clubs free up money by showing them how to be more efficient with electricity, water & waste.


  • Exult

    Exult is a company that supports non-profits to gain funding, support volunteers, and share information across all non-profits.


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