Coaching Support

Support for Coaches

To help coaches get the best out of themselves and their players, Squash New Zealand have developed a number of resources and opportunities to support what coaches learn from the Coach Development Framework.

Coaching Resources

Squash New Zealand have a number of useful coaching resources available to download and purchase. For more details click here.

New Zealand Squash Coaches Network Group Forum

You can join the online group forum, connect with other coaches, discuss squash and share your knowledge. For more details click here.

Coaching Conferences

Every year Squash New Zealand run a National Coaching Conference for coaches of all ages and abilities. For more details click here.

For more information about coaching click here.


Notice Board

Congratulations to Richard Aitken, Henry Aitken, Brendon Whitley, Nicola Pilkington (all Waimea) and John Blakely (Nelson), who all recently attended the Adult Starter coach development course on Thursday.

And it’s great to hear that over the next couple of weeks these coaches will be putting their new skills into practice, as they plan to offer the Waimea business house players some free coaching sessions. Awesome work all.

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