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Christchurch Winter Interclub - Women’s Division 1 Round 4

Last week we saw the division split between two venues, with half of the teams playing at Linwood, and the other half playing at Burnside. Next week we will all be back together, playing again at the Christchurch Club! 

Christchurch 2 vs Christchurch 1

This battle between club mates resulted in some very close games, but Christchurch 1 came away the winners of this clash. The number one match tonight was fought between two highly ranked young seniors, Amelia Wadsworth (CHCH 2) and Grace Hymers (CHCH 1). Having recently played each other in both the Christchurch Inaugural Tournament and the Burnside Open, the two players have certainly figured each other out. Hymers' held her streak on Wadsworth with a 3-0 win using her strong attacking game to her advantage. The number two match was a tough battle between Jemma Erceg (2) and Liza Tonkin (1). Despite Liza's well-known love of five setters, Jemma didn't give her the option, taking the match in 4 very close games. The number three match of the night was played between Fiona Stewart (2) and Claire Allred (1). Despite Fi taking the first set, Claire buckled down, to take the following 3 sets, securing the win for Christchurch 1 this evening. Final match score: Christchurch One 7 - 4 

Linwood 1 vs Football 1

The home team had a tough night ahead of themselves against Football 1. After a rough match in the previous week, Sarah Blair stepped it up against Linwood's number 1 seed, Jamie Leach in three sets. Petra Curd-McCullough came out on top this week, after a four setter against Linwood's Jess Wilson. The number three seed match proved the battle of the night with Football's Michelle Ditfort taking Linwood's Robyn Flynn to five. Michelle's solid retrieving skills helping to put her on top. Final match score: Football 1 9:3

Burnside 1 vs Hoon Hay 1

These hotly contested matches between two of the leaders of the division proved for a night of intense squash, with Hoon Hay coming out on top. Hoon Hay's number 1 seed Kelsi Carrick made a quick 3 setter against Burnside's Kate Fox, with Carrick really punishing any loose shots from Fox. The number two and three seeds from the Hoon Hay side had flipped from the usual order, after Nadia Karati beat her sister Moriya on the weekend in the Canterbury Junior Tournament. So, Nadia took the number two seed match to play Burnside legend Judy Smith. Judy's deceptive play took Nadia by surprise, and although Nadia started to read Judy's game towards the end of the match, it was too late, as Smith finished the match in 3. It was down to the final match of the night to decide the winners of this night. Burnside's Kelly Sullivan went up against Moriya Karati. While Kelly took the first set, Moriya stepped it up and tightened her game to secure the next three sets, finalising the win for Hoon Hay. Final match score: Hoon Hay 6 - 4. 

Burnside 2 vs. Football 2 

Despite getting more individual points on the board, Football 2 couldn't take the win tonight against the Burnside 2 team. The number one match was played between Burnside's Bronwyn Smales and Football's Molly Allen. Bronwyn's tricky lob game proved to be the right move against Molly, with Bronwyn taking the match in four. The number two match was played between Burnside's Lee-Ann Blanken and Football's Caitlin Millard. Millard, coming from the high of winning her division at the Canterbury Junior tournament played some efficient squash, taking the match in three. With one match a piece, the number three seed match made for the decider of the night, and it couldn't have been much closer. Burnside's Heather White played Football's Grace Allen in final five setter for the evening. Heather's good volleying game helped put her a foot ahead, to take the win for Burnside. Final match score: Burnside 6 - 6. 

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