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Christchurch Winter Inter-Club Men’s Open Division  

Welcome back everyone to the Christchurch Men’s Open Squash Interclub - Winter Edition. Now that we’re past June, I’m sure everyone would agree that they’re enjoying seeing the days getting longer which also means that the big events on the calendar are coming up for our top players too. Hence this round of interclub will be quite important for many players as they try find form going into these big events.

Unfortunately, with the closure of Squashways and one less Burnside team we are now down to just 5 teams in the Men’s Open. None the less we have 5 very strong competitive teams and it would be anyone’s guess as to who’s going to win the winter competition. 


  • Adam Odering beat Joe Williams 3-1 

  • Thomas Jordaan beat Matt Smith 3-1 

  • Nathan Smith beat Tim Preston 3-0 


Football 1 was the form team of the Autumn Inter-Club and carried on their great form in this encounter. Even though Football 1 was ranked lower on points each of their players got up for the win. Even Matt Smith aka Smash Bro Mario, couldn’t beat the massively under-graded Thomas Jordaan. Jordaan put out a great performance playing drops and volley drops to perfection and when it came to the front left corner, Jordaan made it his own. However, it wasn’t all Jordaan’s doing as Mario encountered his Browser finding impossible ways to hit the tin as it seemed to be 10x largely than normal. In all the night belonged to Football 1 as Odering started slow against Williams but took the rains after the 1st to take it in 4 and Nathan Smith aka Smash Bro Luigi made light work of Tim Preston. 


  • Charlie Barker lost to Scott Gardiner 1-3 

  • Joseph Petelo beat Dylan Budge 3-2 

  • PJ Theron beat Nathan Briggs 3-0 


Football 2 had a great win against Burnside as Barker and Gardiner took to the court first. Gardiner who been showing great form this year gave Charlie a lesson winning 3-1. Petelo and Budge took to the court next and Budge was enjoying himself at 2-0 up, but like every uni student then alcohol sweets must’ve kicked as he started finding the tin often as Petelo gritted his nice shiny teeth to win in 5. It took while for the last pair to get on court as PJ Theron seemed to have forgotten what he needed in order to play after an extended absence from the game. 6 business days past and Theron finally got on court with Briggs, but Briggs must’ve been tired from all the warming up as Theron carried on Petelo’s good form taking the match 3-0 

In all it was a great night's squash and some young kids who came along to watch may have been inspired by the great squash on display. Tonight, the Open goes to Christchurch club where we’re all hoping Cashmere club can cook up and mean feed for everyone.... oh and that the squash as great value as well. 

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