Who Are We?

2019 Managers, Selectors & conveners

Junior Convener

Helen Curd-McCullough

Senior & Masters Convener

Simon Slade

Senior Convener of Selectors

Craig Hibbert

Senior Selector’s (Men's)

Craig Hibbert, Lawrence Skurr & Rod Hayes

Senior Selector’s (Women's)

Maria Hinz & Shelly Drummond

Junior Convener of Selectors

Nic Dann

Junior Selector’s (Boy's)

Joe Williams & Charlie Barker

Junior Selector (Girls)

Emma Cormack & Di McCoy 

Masters Convener of Selectors

Jason Oxenham

Masters Selector (Men)

Wayne Seebeck

Masters Selector (Women)

Sue Wasley

Masters Team Manager


Men’s Senior Team Manager

Lawrence Skurr

Women’s Senior Team Manager

Rod Hayes

Boy’s Junior Team Manager

Richard Aitken

Boys Assistant Junior Team Manager

Kevin Moran

Girl’s Junior Team Manager

Bronwyn Knutson

Girls Assistant Junior Team Manager & SIAG Team Manager

Helen Curd-McCullough

Quad Team Manager


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