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The all-important 14th June grading list is out and entry information for the 2019 Champs have been emailed to your clubs.

Entries close: Sunday 14th July

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So if you haven’t already, now is the time to start organising your club teams to battle it out at our eliminations for a place at the national finals.

26 – 28 July: Canterbury Eliminations

  • B Grade – Football

  • C Grade – MCOB
  • D Grade – Greymouth
  • E Grade – Takaka

25-28 September: National Finals 

  • B Grade - Whakatane Squash Club (Bay of Plenty)
  • C Grade - SquashCity Invercargill (Southland)
  • D Grade - Whangarei Squash Club (Northland)
  • E Grade - Tawa Squash Club (Wellington)
  • F/J Grade - Cambridge Rackets Club (Waikato)

Player Eligibility Rules

Squash NZ have recently tightened up the rules. They have aligned the eligibility rules with Cousins Shield/Mitchell Cup. There is a rule that states the District or Squash NZ may apply dispensation to a player. This will mean that if your club can’t make a team without asking players from other clubs to join you can apply a dispensation. This will mean smaller clubs can still join together if need.

Squash Canterbury would like to see a greater participation of teams at the District SuperChamps and are aware for a majority of the smaller clubs this is simply not possible with the number of players they may have at a particular grade. Smaller clubs will have the ability to utilise players from their neighbouring club to allow the composition of graded teams.

This model is not to allow clubs to 'stack' teams, but to provide an oppotunity for clubs and players to work together so they can particpate at these teams events. 

Rules that will still apply under the club composite model;

  • Firstly, Clubs must prove to Squash Canterbury that they don't have the player numbers in a particular grade to enable a team from their orginal grading list, if a club has 7 or more eligible players on their grading list, they may be deemed to have enough and therefore denied composite status. This may include players at a lower grade.
  • Players will only be allowed to transfer if there is no possibility that their own club is not entering a team.
  • Any player wishing to transfer to another club for the purpose of SuperChamps must seek permission from their current club.

For example Rangiora might have only 4 players able to play and Oxford and Amberley do not have enough players to put in a team. Then they can apply for dispensationfor the 2 Oxford players and the 1 Amberely player to play for Rangiora.

However, if Rangiora has 7 playerrs that are willing, but they just want stronger people from the other clubs this would not be allowed. So, clubs must undertake the due diligence to make sure a club isn't leaving anyone out that normally represents their club.

Please note the player eligibility rule 2.2.1 Club Players;

a)    Be a full financial member of that club prior to the 14th June

b)    Be on that club’s grading list on 14th June (NB: this means any transfers need to be effected on 13June or earlier – contact your District for deadlines); and

c)    Live in the same district as that club;

i)          A player that lives in multiple districts concurrently, and therefore meets the eligibility criteria for multiple clubs, may decide which of these clubs he/she plays for. They must appear on the 14th June Grading List for the club they wish to play for.

ii)    NZ Players returning from overseas to take part in the competition must have been active club members for the club they wish to represent prior to departure overseas and must fulfil all other eligibility criteria i.e. full financial membership and appearing on clubs grading list.

d)    Play interclub for that club (or not play interclub for another club).

i)     Where a woman entering SuperChamps plays men’s interclub, her men’s

Interclub allegiance will not be taken into consideration for eligibility and vice versa

Key dates for Canterbury District Eliminations:

  • 12th June – deadline for district transfers
  • 13th June - all club transfers completed
  • 14th June 2019 Grading Lists run by SNZ and uploaded to SNZ website to determine player eligibility
  • 26th – 28th July 2019 – District SuperChamps Eliminations

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