2019 Junior Canterbury Open

Canterbury Junior Open_SOCIAL TILE_optWhat a great weekend for our wonderful Juniors to be playing Squash, with a weather forecast which included snow, wind and rain it was the perfect weekend to be indoors playing and watching some fantastic Squash from both our experienced players and our developing players.

Special mention has to go to Isaac & Nadia Karati, Curtis Millard and Ryan Gillman all of whom agreed to fill in for players who withdrew from the tournament earlier in the week.  With 52 entries the touranement offered 6 x 8 draws and 1 x 4 draw, ensuring all games were well matched.

Twenty five setter games were enjoyed by players and specators over the weekend with 4 of these games ending 15/13 in the 5th, another two ended 16/14, 1 more ended 17/15 and two pused it out to 18/16 in the 5th.  Fantastic. 

Well done to Marliesje and the team of Hoon Hay Squash club for running a great tournament which kept to time over the weekend.

As Squash Canterbury’s Premiere Junior event of the year  we welcome feedback on where we can improve this tournamnet to ensure it continues to be supported by our junior players and prioritsed as an event to enter for players of all levels.

Boys Winner_optCongratulations to our overall winner of the Boys compeittion Dylan Budge of Burnside Squash Club, meeting Charlie Price in round 1, Nathan Briggis in round 2 who took him to 15/12 in the 5th and meeting number 2 seed Caelum Betteridge of Hoon Hay Squash Club in the final.  An exciting game of squash with Dylan winning 15/10, 15/11, 13/15 and 15/10.





girls winner_optCongraulations to Catlin Millard of Christchurch Football Squash Club wining the Girls competition.  Caitlin enjoyed  games against both Naidia and Moriya Karati of Hoon Hay Squash Club. Caitlin played Ella Knutson also of Christchurch Football Squash Club in an exciting match on Sunday afternoon winning 17/15, 15/5, 10/15, 15/13. 





Boys div 1 winners_optDivision 1 Boys

Winner: Dylan Budge,Burnside Squash Club

Runner up: Calleum Betteridge,  Hoon Hay Squash Club

Special Plate: Ryan Ko, Burnside Squash Club

Plate:  Ollie O’Loughlin,  Christchurch Football Squash Club


Girls Div 1 winners_optDivision 1 Girls

Winner: Caitlin Millard, Christchurch Football Squash Club

Runner up: Ella Knutson,  Christchurch Football Squash Club

Third: Nadia Karati, Hoon Hay Squash Club




boys div 2 winners_optDivision 2 Boys

Winner:Curtis Millard, Christchurch Football Squash Club

Runner up:Jimmy Stewart,  Christchurch Football Squash Club

Special Plate:Isaac Karati,  Hoon Hay Squash Club

Plate:  Addison Po, Burnside Squash Club 

mixed division 3 winners_optMixed Division 3

Winner:Harry O’Loughlin, Christchurch Football Squash Club

Runner up:Alistair Po, Burnside Squash Club 

Special Plate:Reuben Anderson,Christchurch Football Squash Club

Plate: James O’Keefe, Christchurch Football Squash Club


mixed division 4 winners_opt (1)Mixed Division 4

Winner:Tyrone Garrett,  Oxford Squash Club

Runner up:Sophia Barakat-Adlam, Christchurch Squash club

Special Plate:Bodie Oxenham,Mt Pleasant Squash Club

Plate : Isaiah Judkins,  Christchurch Football Squash Club


mixed division 5_optMixed Division 5

Winner:Alvaro Munoz,Burnside Squash Club          

Runner up:Louie Campion,Mt Pleasant Squash Club

Special Plate:Jackson Hill,Oxford Squash Club

Plate:Ethan Garrett ,Christchurch Squash Club

division 6 winners_optMixed Division 6

Winner:Tayla Breward, Hoon Hay Squash Club

Runner up:Jasmine McCoy, Christchurch Squash Club

Special Plate:Jack Breward, Hoon Hay Squash Club

Plate:  Arihia O’Driscoll, Christchurch Football Squash Club




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