Primary School (Small Nix)

Primary School’s Interschool Squash Competition 2018 (Christchurch)

Intermediate school children have an opportunity to play squash for their school in the Primary School Squash competition held on Tuesday afternoons during Term 2 & 3. 

Congratulations to the Breen’s, Heaton & Cobham teams who all came first place in their divisions. This competition was held at Squashways allowing all teams to compete at the one venue creating a fun atmosphere for both players and spectators. 


  • Mixed Girls: 1st Breen’s Blue, 2nd Cobham Girls & 3rd Heaton Girl
  • Boys A Grade: 1st Heaton Black, 2nd St Thomas Blue & 3rd Heaton Green
  • Boys B Grade: 1st Cobham A, 2nd Heaton Gold & 3rd Cobham B

If your child is interested in playing in this interschool competition, please encourage them to speak to their school’s sports co-ordinator.  For players in their final year at Intermediate they can continue to play squash with school in the Secondary Schools Interschool competition held on Wednesday afternoons. If you require any information regarding this competition, please contact Di McCoy

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