Junior Winter Interclub 2018

Combined Division

We had a very large group of juniors in our Winter Combined Division, which is both exciting to see new players starting, yet challenging to try and finish in time for senior games to begin at 7pm.  The combined format is working well, as it allows evenly matched games to be scheduled weekly, ensuring maximum enjoyment by both players when getting a good competitive match. 

In the future we will not let this Division swell to the high numbers of the winter competition, to try and minimise running over time, and having idle players waiting for games or supper.

Well done to all our Combined Junior Players it is great to see to some good points increases this round, and most players returning for the Spring Competition.

Winners of the Anderson & Hill’s Most Improved Award – Combined Division:

Saya Stratton, Burnside Squash Club

Bodie Oxenham, Mt Pleasant Squash Club

Division 1

Finals for our Division 1 Junior Teams competition was held at Christchurch Squash Club.  Malvern played Christchurch in the final, Well done to the Christchurch Team, securing the win on the night 3 games to 1.

 Junior div 1 winners


Absent from the Photo Team Mate William Bentley

Christchurch v Malvern

Isaac Dolheguy v Oliver Sutherland 15/5 15/9 15/13 to Isaac

Ethan Greene v Jacob Horrey 15/8 8/15 12/15 8/15 to Jacob

William Bentley v Jordan Russell 15/7 10/15 9/15 17/15 15/9 to William

Jordan Barker v Jesse Gray 13/15 15/4 15/8 15/7 to Jordan

Winner of the Anderson & Hill’s Most Improved Award – Division 1

Ben Millar, Malvern Squash Club



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