Captain's Checklist

 Captain's Checklist (251K)

Captains to ensure……

  • The team’s details on iSquash are correct and up to date; including the name and contact details of the captain. Please note, if there is a change of captain, please ensure the new captains name and contact details are updated on iSquash.

  • All their players are registered on their team list and eligible to play in their team.

  • Players are arranged in strict grading points order, with the player having the highest points playing at number one, etc. It is the responsibility of team captain to check grading points on the day of competition to ensure correct team order. Please note: Substitutes may come from a team in a LOWER division. In the lowest Men’s and Women’s divisions a substitute may come from a team in the SAME division. All substitutes must be on the grading list prior to the match.

  • All team members must assemble 15 minutes before the appointed starting time. Subject to prior agreement with the captain of the opposing team, one member may arrive up to half an hour late.  Please note, a team member not ready to play (i.e. changed and ready to go on court) at the starting time or immediately upon conclusion of the preceding rubber may be defaulted at the request of the opposing team

Home Teams or if at a central venue the first listed teams are responsible for…….

  • Ensuring their facilities are up to an appropriate standard; this includes supplying toilet paper, soap and paper towels. Courts should be cleaned before play begins.

  • Suppling the ball; a new ball should be provided at the start of each contest. A change in the ball used may be allowed but must be by agreement between the captains. This may be on a rubber by rubber basis.

  • Entering the results into iSquash by 10am the day following the contest.

  • *Providing a supper; an effort should be made as to the quality and nutritional value of the food provided. *this may differ, please refer to the competition information /guidance

Struggling for a team and defaults….

  • If you are struggling for a team, Squash Canterbury encourages you to consider changing the fixture time or day to suit. Please note, any rearranged games will need to be played prior to the original tie, in exceptional circumstances Squash Canterbury may allow fixtures to be played after the original scheduled fixture.

  • If your team defaults, you will incur a charge of $50. Squash Canterbury are not trying to be punitive we are just trying to find a way to reducing team defaults.  

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