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Christchurch Junior D & below Series

This year there were five one-day tournaments that took place over the year with a total of 164 entries, 39 more than last year. 




#1 Christchurch Football



#2 Christchurch



#3 Hoon Hay



#4 Burnside



# Christchurch Football







For 2018, the board have agreed a proposal to change the format of the Junior D Grade and below, the series will now be called the Christchurch Junior 2100 series.

The cut off for all entries will be 2100 points, instead of D-grade.

The purpose for the change is that girl’s improving move out of D-grade far quicker and far younger than boys and lose the opportunity to play each other regularly in the D-grade tournaments. Their options are currently limited to adult interclub and Open tournaments to get stronger competition.

In Canterbury we have a very strong group of up and coming girls in the age range of 12-15 and we want to nurture this by offering more competitive games against each other. Playing other tough juniors at competition level, is different than playing adults, and will prepare them for a competitive future in squash.

This will not only benefit the large group of girls coming through, it will encourage the next lot of J-graders who will be able to watch and socialise with them and give them something to aspire to.

The dates for next year’s series are (venues tbc);

  • #1 – Sunday 29th April
  • #2 – Sunday 27th May
  • #3 – Sunday 1st July
  • #4 – Sunday 29th July

And finally, a BIG thankyou to all our junior convenors, tournament controllers and our JSDO, Paul Growcott, who have done an excellent job in running the tournaments. If it wasn’t for them, this series would have not happened. 

2017 Results

#5 Christchurch Football- Sunday 27th August

A Grade: 1st Ollie O’Loughlin, 2nd Rocco O’Loughlin, 3rd Thomas Shepherd

B Grade: 1st Sam Harris, 2nd Jesse Sutherland, 3rd Jack Goodgame

C Grade: 1st Harry O’Loughlin, 2nd Joseph Anderson, 3rd Jesse Gray

 d grade football 27-8_opt

Pictured (Left to Right) Sam Harris, Ollie O’Loughlin, Harry O’Loughlin

#4 Burnside - Sunday 30th July

A Grade: 1st: Matthew Growcott, 2nd: Thomas Shepherd 3rd: Ollie O’Loughlin, Plate: Oliver Sutherland

B Grade: 1st: Sam Harris, 2nd: Jesse Sutherland, 3rd: Hayden de Burger, Plate: Jordan Russell

C Grade: 1st: Isaac Dolheguy, 2nd: Hunter Atkinson, 3rd: Zac Wilson, Plate: Joseph Anderson

D Grade: 1st: Olivia McCoy, 2nd: Alyssa Bartosh, 3rd: Zach Lewis, Plate: Jaely Barnabe

Burnside Winners_opt

The four championship winners, pictured left to right , Isaac Dolheguy, Olivia McCoy, Sam Harris, Matthew Growcott

#3 Hoon Hay - Sunday 25th June

A Grade - 1st: Charlie Prince, 2nd: Ollie O’Loughlin, 3rd: Thomas Shepherd

B Grade - 1st: Ben Millar, 2nd: Ashley Fussell, 3rd: Josh Schluter

C Grade - 1st: Oliver Persson, 2nd: Isaac Dolheguy, 3rd: Sam Harris

D Grade - 1st: Xavier Davis, 2nd: Olivia McCoy, 3rd: Harrison Baker-Flynn

E Grade - 1st: Alyssa Bartosh, 2nd: Jayden Owens, 3rd: David Barnes

HH Junior D Grade Winners_opt

Championship grade winners pictured (left to right)

Charlie Prince (A Grade), Oliver Persson (C Grade), Ben Millar (B Grade), Xavier Davis (D Grade), Alyssa Bartosh (E Grade).

#2 Christchurch - Sunday 29th May

Div 1 - 1st:Jack Lamb   2nd:Charlie Prince

Div 2 - 1st: Ollie O’ Loughlin     2nd: Rocco O’ Loughlin 3rd: Theo Fujii    Plate: Oliver Sutherland

Div 3 - 1st:  Josh Schluter    2nd:Hayden de Burger    3rd: Johnny Miller    Plate:   Charlie Swan 

Div 4 - 1st: Jordan Russell     2nd: William Dobbs    3rd: Hunter Atkinson  Plate:  George Shephard

Div 5 - 1st: Oliver Persson   2nd:  Isaac Dolheguy 3rd: Jordan Barker  Plate: Jesse Gray

Div 6 - 1st:  Ethan Greene  2nd: Olivia Mc Coy  3rd:Jarrod Hudson   Plate:Zach Lewis

Div 7 - 1st: Jayden Owens   2nd: Gabriel Greene

ChCh Junior D 2017 - League Winners_opt

The league winners

1#Christchurch Football - Sunday 30 April

A Grade : 1st Jack Lamb

B Grade : 1st Johnny Millar

C Grade: 1st:Buddy Clist, 2nd:Jordan Russell, 3rd:Joseph Anderson, Plate: Harry O’Loughlin

Winners Junior D Grade Competition Football - 2017

Pictured(left to right) Buddy, Jack, Johnny

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