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Squash Canterbury Newsletter 2017 - No.2

This week’s update includes:

Board Update – 2017 Plan on a Page, Squash Canterbury Calendar 2017, Squash NZ Pocket Calendars & Christchurch Summer Interclub - update


Squash Canterbury Newsletter 2017 - No.2 

Board Update – 2017 Plan on a Page(draft)

Please see below a draft copy of the ‘Squash Canterbury 2017 Plan on a Page’. Details are still to be finalised and more work is still to be done, including what success will look like.  

 Pop 2017 - Website


Squash Canterbury District Tournament Calendar 2017

 SC Calendar 2017

Squash Canterbury 2017 Tournament Calendar

A larger copy will also be distributed to clubs to put up in their club house. Please note; Kaikoura are still planning to run their tournament this year, however the date may change the date to 5-7th May.  

Squash NZ Pocket Tournament Calendars are available. Limited copies are available If you club would like some copies to distribute to its members, please contact

Host venues required

Anyone keen to host the following events:

  • Presidents Meeting – date flexible (ideally end of Feb/ beginning of March)

  • Christchurch Summer Interclub Awards Night - April 28th

  • Squash Canterbury Awards Evening – 27th October

If your club is interested, please contact

Christchurch Summer Interclub - update

Please find below an update from Greg Aitken;


For the older of us we are one week into interclub for the future of squash we start on Monday.  Squash Canterbury saw Summer Interclub as a chance to try something a little different so they have given us the opportunity to present you with formats a little off the cuff.

We hope you enjoy competition formats but the one thing that hasn’t changed is that you will all still be playing competition squash each week.

 Men’s Interclub

  • Originally, Fred Williams & myself were looking at four team divisions due to possible point variations within divisions but apart from the top end the teams entered were very equal so we went with six team divisions. There will be two rounds of 5 weeks each with two teams being promoted / relegated after the first round. We are currently working with divisions 1 & 2 (NOTE division 2 is now 22 & 23) on rejigging their competition.

 Women’s Interclub

  • We have created four divisions of four teams each which will play three, three week round robins with promotion / relegation after each of the first two rounds.
  • The Summer Combined Competition was created with the help of Trish Roughan Smith & Jess Wilson to provide the lower graded ladies with a fun, even and socially interactive competition. It’s basically a super league styled format for these ladies which we hope they will enjoy for the Summer.

 Junior Interclub

  • Adam Odering, Chris Van de Salm, Deb Salisbury, Diane McCoy and myself got together once the entries had come in to discuss what format of competition we might create for our future squash champions.

To this end we have gone with five strong teams in division 1 with 3 players to play each week and a five team division 2 with 4 players to play each week. We are keen for the junior players to play and will be encouraging a steady stream of communication amongst the team managers to ensure that teams are full each week and that defaults are kept to a minimum. We would like to thank the parents here and now who give their time to make squash available to the junior players within the clubs involved in the Summer Interclub.

Enjoy your squash and captains please try and avoid default matches if possible, remember that defaults probably mean that someone turns up to interclub looking forward to a great game of squash only to be disappointed.

Finally, thank you for entering Summer Interclub and we hope you will enjoy it. There will be issues I’m sure but we will try and resolve those as they occur.


Greg Atkins on behalf of those folk who have assisted with the Summer Interclub formats

Enjoy the rest of your day and have a great weekend

Karen Boag | Administration Manager for Squash Canterbury

Based at Sport Canterbury, 1 Brynley Street, Hornby, Christchurch 8042, New Zealand

Postal address; PO Box 2606, Christchurch. 8140
Email: | Tel: 028-2556-2091 | Mobile: 027-5337-348

My role is part time and my hours vary from week to week, the best time to contact me is on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday between the hours of 10am – 2pm, these are my standard working hours. On a Tuesday and Friday, I work at the Sport Canterbury Offices in Hornby and on a Wednesday I work off site.




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