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Women's 2019 Spring Interclub Finals Night - Division 1

The finals for Women’s Div. 1 took place at Burnside club on Tuesday 3 December with 6 teams involved. This round of Spring interclub proved to be quite fun with the weather warming up. Due to the warmer weather the ball was much bouncier, which meant all players had to adjust to the new dynamics this brought on the court. A summary of the results below: 

Football 1 vs. Christchurch 1 – Final

  • Sarah Blair won against Diane McCoy – 3-0

  • Ella Knutson won against Liza Tonkin – 3-0
  • Michelle Ditfort won against Claire Allred – 3-0

Football 1 had an awesome Spring round, with the ladies winning 6 out of the 7 games, only losing 1 round to Hoon Hay 1. Dianne fought hard in the finals but unfortunately lost in 3. Ella Knutson and Liza Tonkin’s had a great game, but in the end, Ella came out with a victory in 3. Michelle and Claire also had a great match, showing us all the power of the drop shot, even with a very bouncy ball! Michelle won the match in 3.

Burnside 1 vs. Burnside 2 – 5 & 6 play-off

It was a clash of club mates for the five/six playoff in Division One. First up were the number one seeds, Chwee Yeo and Kate Fox. While there were many tough rallies, Kate was able to take the first match in 3. Next on court were the number two's, Bronwyn Smales and Yi-Lin Yoong. With both ladies having quite different styles on court it was set to be an interesting game. Yi-Lin managed to take the first two by keeping on top of Bronwyn's short game. However, for the third set Bronwyn started reading Yi-Lin's game a bit more and started cutting off some of her options - gaining an upper hand to take the third set. Both ladies came back fighting for the fourth, with Yi-Lin taking the final game 16-14. The final match of the night was between Vicki Tanner and Lee-Ann Blanken. Vicki started the night off strongly taking the first two sets. However, Lee-Ann hung in there and managed to take the match to the fifth set. It was an extremely close game which could have gone either way, but Vicki regained the momentum gained at the start of the match to take the fifth set 15-13. Final match score: Burnside 1 - 2 matches vs Burnside 2 - 1 match.

Thank you Sarah Blair and Kate Fox for the match reports

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