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Winter Interclub – Men’s Open Round 6

Week 6 of the Christchurch Men's Open Interclub went back to Christchurch club and with no Football 1 it meant that all the teams had a chance to catch some points up on the table toppers.

This week we are going to Burnside for round 8 as Burnside 1 takes on Football 1 (hopefully we see Adam Odering v Scott Gardiner) and Christchurch 2 versus Football 2.

Christchurch 1 v Christchurch 2

  • Jason Oxenham lost to Joe Williams 1-3
  • Tim Preston beat Stephen Gardner 3-2
  • Graeme Dill-Russell lost to Ben Scott 1-3Christchurch 2 won 2-1

It is good to see Tim Preston finding some good form on the new squash courts as he took down Stephen Gardner. Gardner had been leading most of the match gaining a 2-1 lead, but Preston was determined after his loss in 5 the week prior and was regularly finding his trusty backhand cross court nick from wherever he felt like it. Preston's composure allowed him to out manoeuvre Gardner which wore down Gardner slowly meaning a Preston victory in 5. The good news for Christchurch 2 was that Williams and Scott both managed to get comfortable enough victories even if they did both drop sets which gave their team the win.

Burnside 1 v Football 2

  • Scott Gardiner beat Charlie Barker 3-0
  • Brandon Mchaffie lost to Jeremy Bennett 2-3
  • Nathan Briggs lost to Joseph Petelo 1-3

Football 2 won 2-1

As always Scott Gardiner was very solid at No.1 for Burnside beating Charlie Barker comfortably. Barker who has struggled this season tried his best to break down Gardiner's game but no matter how much he covered the court; Gardiner always had the ability to play another quality shot. Luckily for Football 2 Petelo was able to beat Briggs in 4 but they probably thought their night was over when Bennett went 0-2 down to Mchaffie. Unfortunately for Mchaffie, he went down in 5 as his fitness started to fail him thanks to his recent trip to Europe as it.


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