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Christchurch Winter Interclub - Men’s Open Round 4

Well last week was an interesting one, as week 4 of the Christchurch Interclub Men's Open took place at Football club where Interclub lost its meaning as Christchurch 1 played Christchurch 2, and Football 1 played Football 2. As a result, teams were eager to prove they were the better club team and whilst match scores may have seemed one sided, the sets were very well contested and often decided by the tie-break.

It was another exciting week of squash and no doubt this week will be the same. If you want to catch the action live and maybe want to see that this write up is somewhat factual then go to Football club tomorrow night at 7pm.

Christchurch 2 (Team ECan) v Christchurch 1

Matt Smith beat Jas Oxenham 3-2

Stephen Gardner beat Tim Preston 3-1

Ben Scott beat Graeme Dill-Russell 3-0

Christchurch 2 won 3-0

This match up took place over 5 days as it started on Tuesday and finished on Saturday. The number 1 and 2 players turned up on the Tuesday to play and Jas Oxenham was ready to go as he quickly took the first two sets against Matt 'Mario' Smith. Before the third set started Mario must've found some 'Super Mushrooms' as he seamlessly turned out for the next three sets a different player as he managed to hit some magical shots, resulting in a great comeback win in 5. The night was done when Tim Preston couldn't summon up some form to beat Stephen Gardner. The last match was played Saturday evening by Ben Scott and Graeme Dill-Russell and whilst Scott won 3-0, it could've been very close as Dill-Russell started slow, losing the first quickly and started getting into gear in the next sets but he needed another gear as he fell short at the tie break in the second and third sets.

Football 1 v Football 2

Jason Cumpstone lost to Charlie Barker 2-3

Thomas Jordaan beat Jeremy Bennet 3-0

Nathan Smith beat Emma Cormack 3-0

Football 1 won 2-1

When Charlie Barker turned up this week, he would've been happy to not be playing 'The Terminator' Odering but unfortunately for him he came up against the unstoppable force of 'Jason' with his hockey mask and all. No set was easy between these two with the scores close and both players love a long rally. The match was making people feel tired just watching and slowly Cumpstone got up 2-1 but Barker's a battler and was able to claw his way back to a narrow victory in 5. Next was (the not totally undegraded anymore) Thomas Jordaan who beat Jeremy Bennett in 3 as Jordaan dominated the front left corner and Bennetts host of boast couldn't quite win him enough points for the win. Last on court was Nathan 'Luigi' Smith who came across his princess in the form of Emma Cormack. Although unfortunately for Cormack, Luigi must've forgotten to go to Specsavers as he played her like she was 'Bowser', taking a comfortable 3-0 win.


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