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Christchurch Winter Interclub – Round 3 Men’s Open Division 

Week 3 of the Christchurch Men's Winter Interclub Squash Open division took place last week and it was the first week of Men's Open to go to the new Christchurch Squash Club facility. It was a great chance for Christchurch's best to test out the new courts. Though the match times weren't that long, it’s just proof that not everyone has become use to the new court with no 5 setters this week but the good news is that no one will be too sore after the night's play.

Christchurch 2 v Burnside 1

Matt Smith lost to Scott Gardiner 0 - 3

Stephen Gardner beat Brandon Mchaffie 3 - 0

Ben Scott beat Caelum Betteridge 3 - 1

Christchurch 2 won 2-1

Christchurch 2 managed to get their Winter Campaign under way against Burnside 1. With two one-sided affairs between the No. 1s and 2s it came down to the 3s to decide the match up. Ben Scott is a player who can be hot or cold at times and after losing the first set his teammates must've been worried. Unfortunately, Betteridge could keep a hold of Scott as he got hot like a pot(ato) taking next 3 sets by narrow margins to win in 4.

Christchurch 1 v Football 1

Jackson Beresford lost to Adam Odering 1 - 3

Jason Oxenham beat Thomas Jordaan 3 - 0

Simon Kidgell lost to Nathan Smith 0 - 3

Football 1 won 2-1

Christchurch 1 did not fair as well as their fallow team but on this court it was the 2s and 3s turn to go either way with 3-0 victories and the hard work was left to the 1s. Beresford would've been keen to get the monkey off his back and beat Odering but with trip to Asia only a couple of days away he wasn't able to leave the monkey behind. Odering won the first two but slipped up in the third as Beresford decided to hit the ball above the tin more times than not this set but in the fourth Odering proved too clinical and precise winning in 4.

This week the Men's Open will go back to Christchurch Football Club and with Burnside 1 having a bye it leaves the two Christchurch and Football teams fighting it out with an intraclub derby. Any thoughts on who's going to take the wins this week?

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