Who Are We?

I am Clark Ellery from the mighty West Coast, based in Greymouth, and after 48 years of chasing a little black ball around four walls I thought it was time to put some time back into the administration side of our sport.

Being from the smallest area of the Canterbury region, but still having strong connections with Nelson, Marlborough and Christchurch, allows me to give the Board an overall perspective of our complete district. To complete the connection to our sport, I am supported by my wife Erin and kids Sasha and Casey who all play at various levels for Canterbury.

The Board has put me in charge of the finance portfolio, which I look forward to continuing the direction to provide a platform where we get the most from our affiliation fees and full accountability is shown to all of Canterbury’s squash members.

Looking forward to catching up with as many of you as possible over the coming season.

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