Junior Interclub - Autumn 2018 (May - July)

Composite Division

Junior composit_optWhat a fantastic round of Interclub for our Composite Division of Junior Players.  A competition which allows our beginner level Juniors to enjoy a competitive game of squash every week in a fun and supportive environment.  Well done to all our Junior Players it is great to see such enthusiasm in your game and a big thank you for Evan Owens for making it happen. 


The following juniors in the combined division where awards the Anderson & Hill’s Most Improved Award:

  • James O’Keefe, Burnside Squash Club
  • Joel Leka, Christchurch Football Squash Club
  • Alyssa Bartosh, Burnside Squash Club

All 3 of these players will now join the team’s competition in Winter, enabling more beginner level players to join the Combined Division.  Well done.

Division 1 – Junior Teams Competition

Winners Junior Div 1_optThe finals for Division 1 Junior Teams competition was held at Christchurch Squash Club.  Malvern Blue played Christchurch Football in the final.

Well done to the Malvern Blues managing to win all 4 games!



Malvern Blue v Christchurch Football

  • Hayden De Burger v Sam Harris 15/8 6/15 15/10 4/15 15/9 to Hayden
  • Ben Millar v Harry O’Loughlin   15/11 16/14 14/7 to Ben
  • Jacob Horrey v Hunter Atkinson 8/15 15/8 16/18 15/13 17/15 to Jacob
  • Johnny Millar v William Dobbs 15/12 15/10 15/6 to Johnny

Congratulations to the following juniors from the Division 1, who received the Anderson & Hill’s Most Improved Award:

  • Sam Harris Christchurch Football Squash Club
  • Olivia McCoy Christchurch Squash Club

We look forward to another round of great Squash in the Winter Competition. 

Most improved players_opt  james okeele - most improved_opt

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