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Club Toolbox

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Women's Open Forum - Oct_opt

Thank you to everyone who turned up and for their awesome input. Thank you to Jess Wilson for doing a great job facilitating the evening. It was great to see such good turn out and there wheres some great ideas where put on the table. 

  • Squash NZ Roadshow 2018

    Squash NZ ran a workshop on Saturday 19th May at Hoon Hay Squash Club. The topic was on volunteering. Click on the link above for a copy of the presentation from this workshop and some useful information.  

  • Lite Club

    Lite Club helps sports clubs free up money by showing them how to be more efficient with electricity, water & waste.

  • Exult

    Exult is a company that supports non-profits to gain funding, support volunteers, and share information across all non-profits.

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